Welcome to the Class of 2019

Welcome, HLS class of 2019! There are many incredible opportunities available to you at HLS, including journals, social organizations, service organizations, and research and writing opportunities. One of the most rewarding ways to get involved, though, is through the student practice organizations (SPOs), which allow you to jump right in and get practical, hands-on experience early in your law school career.

The Harvard Mediation Program (HMP) offers students the opportunity to mediate small claims disputes and harassment prevention orders in local courts as well as ad hoc cases outside of court. As some of you may know already, and others will quickly discover, the adversarial trial system is not always the best way to resolve disputes. As mediators, we provide a valuable service to the community by facilitating discussion between parties in conflict in order to help them better understand their own interests as well as those of the other party, and, hopefully, to come to an agreement.

Once the application and interviewing process is complete, new HMP members will participate in a 32-hour training program, which will take place over two weekends, October 1 & 2 and October 15 & 16, 2016. Once training is completed, participants will mediate once every other week for at least two semesters.  Students will also do an office hour once every other week for one semester. In addition, HMP offers roundtables and guest speakers in the ADR field.

For more information please contact our Recruiting Directors, Stephen Simrill and Steve Smith at hmprecruitingdirectors@gmail.com; call the HMP office at 617.495.1854; or stop by our office in Pound Hall, Room 521.


Lauren Godles, President and

Tory Hartmann, Vice President

P.S. HMP also holds a spring semester basic training in February. Stay tuned for our spring training dates!