The Prison Legal Assistance Project (PLAP) is a student practice organization in which students represent inmates in Massachusetts prisons. PLAP student attorneys argue at disciplinary hearings on behalf of prisoners charged with violating prison regulations. PLAP students also argue before the Massachusetts Parole Board for prisoners facing parole revocation or rescission and second degree life sentence hearings. IMG_0177In addition, PLAP provides inmates with assistance in matters ranging from civil rights violations to confiscated property.

At PLAP, our mission is to empower Massachusetts prisoners; to train law students in client-based advocacy and instill in them a commitment to public interest and social justice; and to participate in conversations about incarceration and engage in efforts to promote prisoners’ rights.

– We handle neither criminal nor civil court cases. We also cannot assist non-Massachusetts state inmates. –

The Prison Legal Assistance Project blog can be found at:

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