April 15, 2018

HLS Blockchain Initiative

Interested in Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency?  Join the HLS Blockchain Initiative!
Members of Harvard Law Entrepreneurship Project, HALB, JOLT, and the Harvard Law and Technology Society are teaming up to create a new student organization focused on the exciting world of Blockchain technology.  Our aim is to create a platform to provide students the opportunity to develop and demonstrate expertise in this emerging field of law and business.

The HLS Blockchain Initiative Will Work To:

1. Educate HLS students on the exciting potential of blockchain/DLT to disrupt industry

2. Prepare HLS students to practice law in fields that will be significantly impacted by blockchain technology

3. Connect and engage with the broader blockchain/crypto community around Cambridge and Boston.

We’re still in the process of establishing the official student-org –but we’ve already put together tons of exciting programming and are working on some cool projects.  If you want to get involved (or just want to stay informed on this important technology) signup for our newsletter!

If you have questions or want to help us build an awesome new organization at HLS, please contact VJ Vesnaver.