Why We’re Here

Project No One Leaves┬áis a student-run, Boston-based canvassing group that partners with local community organizers to connect low-income and oppressed communities to resources that build community power and provide opportunities to protect and assert residents’ rights.

To join our mailing list, sign up here. We’ll send you weekly reminders about signing up to canvass and keep you updated on any future actions we’re planning or joining. Our open membership comprises mainly Harvard Law students, but everyone is welcome to join us on a canvass.

Through distribution of materials and door-to-door conversations with Boston residents, PNOL aims to empower our community and increase housing stability city-wide. PNOL was established in 2008 as a response to the foreclosure crisis; its mission has since expanded to include canvassing people facing eviction, and our current focus is supporting organizers who are building community power to fight evictions during COVID-19.

PNOL is proudly affiliated with City Life Vida Urbana, and directs people facing housing stability issues to weekly CLVU meetings to obtain free legal advice and band together with others facing the same issues. Learn more about CLVU at www.clvu.org.

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