January 18, 2017


The Harvard Law Entrepreneurship Project is proud to be sponsored by some of the top law firms providing legal services to startups and technology companies.



Cooley is one of the premier startup law firms, with consistent recognition for its VC-backed transactions, general emerging companies practice, and innovation in legal practice.  With offices in all the major startup hubs, including Boston, San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York, and European and Asian branches, Cooley has a constant thumb on the global startup ecosystem.  Cooley also offers pro bono support to HLEP by advising some of our student-run client teams.

Gunderson Dettmer

As a business law firm, Gunderson Dettmer focuses its practice on global venture capital and emerging companies, particularly technology companies.  Gunderson is consistently ranked as one of the top firms for venture fund formation and business transactions.  Gunderson also contributes its expertise to HLEP by supervising client project teams.

Fenwick & West

Founded in Silicon Valley, Fenwick & West has been a leader in startup and technology legal practice for decades.  With the opening of its first east coast office in New York this year, Fenwick is expanding its presence beyond the west coast and China for the first time.  HLEP is excited to bring on Fenwick as a partner in sponsorship and team advising, especially since Fenwick is home to some of our own HLEP alumni.


Foley Hoag