January 18, 2017

Member Programs

HLEP aims to provide its members with diverse immersion opportunities in the intersection of law, entrepreneurship, and technology. Its membership is open to all HLS students, regardless of class year and affiliated programs.

  1. Client Projects

Each semester, HLEP members can participate in a small client-service project group of four to six students. Each group will be matched with a participating client, as well as attorney advisors from the leading law firms in the area of emerging companies, intellectual property, and venture capital practices. Students will gain valuable experience from advising clients in navigating high-impact legal problems and from networking with cutting-edge entrepreneurs and attorneys in the fields of their interests. 

The member applications for the Spring 2022 project cycle are currently open. If you have participated in an HLEP team project before and are interested in joining a team for Spring 2022, please fill out the returning member interest form by Sunday, February 6 at 11:59 pm EST to receive a client preferencing packet. If you are interested in becoming a new HLEP member for the Spring 2022 project cycle, please fill out the new member interest form by Sunday, February 6 at 11:59 pm EST.

  1. Career Fair and Symposium

Each year, HLEP hosts a career fair which invites entrepreneurships and law firms interested in hiring students at all class levels. The career fair is a valuable opportunity for students who wish to work in the legal affairs department of fast-growing startups or in law firms with industry-leading emerging companies, intellectual property, or venture capital practices. In addition to the career fair, HLEP hosts an annual symposium, where tech founders, government regulators, and lawyers share their experience and lessons gained in the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, and law.

  1. Career Trip

Each year, selected groups of HLEP students will participate in a fully-funded career trip to leading entrepreneurship capitals of the country, such as San Francisco, Boston, or New York. During this trip, students will visit leading law firms, venture capital funds, and technology companies in the area to meet and learn from professionals in the heart of law, entrepreneurship, and technology.

  1. Social Events

Throughout the year, HLEP hosts various social events to help its members engage with each other, as well as with their clients and attorney advisors. The end-of-semester mixer brings together the members, clients, and attorney advisors for an informal opportunity to connect and share their experiences. Project rounds meetings give project leaders a chance to convene together to receive and provide ideas regarding the difficult legal questions they face. The HLEP mentorship program and HLEP lunch program provide student-to-student networking opportunities in informal, small-group settings.