Amicus Briefs

CJI continued its practice of participating in national litigation by signing on as “friends of the court” in amicus briefs for three important cases involving juvenile defendants.

In the Interest of Christopher K. Supreme Court of Illinois, No. 98597

  • Filed by the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia:
  • The amicus brief challenges the Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction provision of the Juvenile Court Act.

Kentucky Press Association, Inc. v. Commonwealth of Kentucky, Et. al. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Filed by the Juvenile Justice Center of Suffolk Law School:
  • The amicus brief supports Kentucky’s refusal to allow media access to juvenile proceedings and records.

Commonwealth v. Bruce Smith Superior Court of Pennsylvania 1596 MDA 2004

  • Filed by Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia:
  • The amicus brief was filed in support of on behalf of the defendant/appellee who was represented by the Lackawanna County Public Defender’s Office. The Commonwealth appealed the trial court’s order granting the defendant’s motion to suppress statements he made while at a residential treatment facility for juvenile sexual offenders.