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The Emmett Environmental Law and Policy Clinic offers students an opportunity to do real-life and real-time legal and policy work. Clinic offerings include local, national, and international projects covering the spectrum of environmental issues. Depending on the project, students may undertake litigation and advocacy work by drafting briefs, preparing testimony, conducting research, developing strategy, and reviewing proposed legislation. Students present their work to clients, stakeholders, and decision-makers, including federal, state, and local officials.

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The Clinic is also a member of the Farm Bill Law Enterprise (FBLE), a national partnership of law schools working towards a farm bill that reflects a thoughtful consideration of the long-term needs of our society, including economic opportunity and stability; public health and nutrition; climate change mitigation and adaptation; public resources stewardship; and racial and socioeconomic justice.

Focus Areas

Citizen Science

The Clinic is in the midst of a multi-year, multi-pronged effort to promote individuals’ and communities’ ability to conduct their own environmental monitoring.

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Climate Change Adaptation

Helping cities and towns advance climate change adaptation and resiliency has been a focus of the Clinic’s work since 2011.

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Regulation of Mercury Emissions

The Clinic has worked for a number of years on efforts to reduce exposure to methylmercury, a potent neurotoxicant.

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