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For HLS students and cross-registrants who have not yet taken the Negotiation Workshop, HLS Negotiators offers a mandatory one-day Basic Training for those interested in participating in client projects. The Basic Training exposes you to foundational concepts in negotiation and dispute resolution theory, which you will build upon during the year through your projects. This year’s training will take place on Saturday, October 13, 2018. The sign-up form for the training will be distributed to the mailing list soon.

In addition, each new member must commit to participating in one Negotiators Project. Students may also fulfill this requirement by helping with Negotiation Simulations and Speaker Events that HLS Negotiators conducts.

Learning More

To learn about all our projects and to get involved, contact the Board at 1Ls and cross-registrants are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Get Involved

HLS Negotiators offers opportunities to practice, research and teach negotiation. Our members are involved with projects that cover a diverse array of subjects, including human rights, the environment, politics, and education.

You can get involved with client projects, simulations, reading group, competitions, or speakers.

  • Time commitment. The time commitment for each project and committee varies from as little as 10 hours per semester to a few hours per week. We will help you to choose projects that match your availability.
  • Your interests and experience level. Members can choose the projects they wish to be involved with based on their interests and experience level. If you are new to Negotiators, we will work to pair you with more experienced members of the organization.
  • Your ideas. Harvard Negotiators is open to student-generated project ideas. If you have any ideas for potential projects and would like help with development or collaboration, please contact one of our Project Managers. We are happy to work with you to set up new projects and build a team for working on them.
  • Current Projects. Many of our projects are continuous, and new opportunities arise throughout the year. To learn about current projects, please contact us or come to our next meeting.


HLS Negotiators provides prospective clients with substantive work in negotiation and dispute resolution from highly motivated Harvard Law School students. Some of the projects we have been involved with in the past include:

  • Providing negotiation advice to disputing parties: helping to develop strategies for upcoming negotiations, conducting a conflict assessment of an ongoing dispute, helping to mediate/prep/debrief/provide critiques for professional negotiators
  • Offering negotiation workshops for students and employees: providing the building blocks for basic negotiation skills and interpersonal problem-solving
  • Assisting with negotiation curricula development: providing support to schools or other educational institutions for developing a negotiation curriculum, helping businesses or other organizations update or initiate a training program for employees, helping specialists, advocates, or social workers with training/advising their clients or constituents
  • Assisting in negotiation research: research for academic publications, professional handbooks, articles, substantive research projects