Food Justice Initiative

Team Project 2022-23: This year, the Food Justice team will be creating a digestible form of guidance for Federally Qualified Health Centers interested in establishing Food is Medicine programs. The Food Justice team will also be updating the Mississippi Farmers Market Regulatory Guidebook, which provides legal and business guidance on running and creating farmers markets in Mississippi. Our work will look to promote systemic change through community organizing and policy advocacy, to ensure being able to live a healthy life is not a class-based privilege.

Past Work:
In the 2020-2021 school year, the Food Justice Team authored a memo on potential implementations of Food-is-Medicine pilot programs in Mississippi, prepared instructional materials for partner organizations, and conducted a survey of Federally Qualified Health Centers that garnered information on their implementation of Food-is-Medicine projects.
Since March 2009, Harvard Law School student teams have worked on legislation and advocacy related to food policy in the Mississippi Delta region. Students have worked on a range of projects which focus on two primary goals: (1) improving access to healthy foods for Mississippi residents and (2) spurring economic growth for small farmers and local food producers.