The Emmett Environmental Law & Policy Clinic and the Environmental Policy Initiative released a new report, Regional and Municipal Stormwater Management: A Comprehensive Approach.  This report analyzes options for addressing stormwater pollution at both the regional and municipal level, encourages the adoption of green infrastructure by municipalities as a stormwater pollution reduction strategy, and recommends that municipalities consider participating in a regional program as a comprehensive and cost-effective way to address stormwater pollution.

This report is part of the Clinic and Policy Initiative’s ongoing green infrastructure pilot partnership with EPA, and was authored by Clinic Director Wendy B. Jacobs and Policy Initiative Director Kate Konschnik.  The following students also contributed to the report:  Dakotah Burns, JD’15; Tsukihiko Hoshijima, JD’15; Carl Lisberger, JD’14; Sean Lyness, JD’15; and Chrystel Marincich, JD’15.