How We Serve Clients

The Transactional Law Clinics offer free and low cost legal services to clients by pairing experienced and expert attorneys with advanced law students. The program delivers critical legal counsel to clients, while giving the law students the opportunity to gain practical experience by handling real cases for real clients.

As a client of the Transactional Law Clinics, typically your primary contact will be your Student Advocate, but be assured that all aspects of your Student Advocate’s work is under the supervision of the supervising attorney.

While our clients’ interests are most important to us, we also wish to provide to our Student Advocates a worthwhile experience. Accordingly, we ask that clients of the TLC be responsive and cooperative, so that we can efficiently complete the legal projects which we take on.

Lastly, potential clients should note that the Transactional law Clinics’ Student Advocates typically work with us for a few months. We reserve the right to substitute and replace Student Advocates on projects as the need arises, as well as to reassign attorney staffing. Because our Student Advocates come and go, we engage only on a project-by-project basis. While we welcome and value repeat business from our established clients, we will offer to be engaged only on projects that meet our program requirements, and only on the particular project at hand.

An attorney-client relationship is not formed with the Transactional Law Clinics or its attorneys or Student Advocates until you and the Clinics enter into a written agreement to perform particular services.