Credits and Enrollment

The Transactional Law Clinical Workshop is a co-requisite to practice in the Transactional Law Clinics.  The Workshop meets weekly for two hours (5 pm to 7 pm), and is taught by Clinical Professor Brian Price, with the assistance of clinical instructors.  No particular substantive course prerequisites are required.  By way of example, no prior experience regarding corporations or tax is presumed.  Two classroom credits are awarded for the Workshop.

A clinical practice component is required of all students. Clinical placements will be at the Transactional Law Clinics. Enrollment will occur during clinical registration.

Students may enroll for either 16 hours per week (4 credits) or 20 hours per week (5 credits) of clinical work, in addition to the 2 credit Transactional Practice Clinical Seminar for all students.

Fall, 2020:

Spring, 2021: