For HLS Students

students.outsideHMP is open to all HLS students. 1Ls can apply as soon as they arrive on campus! (There also is an option to obtain clinical credit for mediating with HMP, described here.) Once a student has been accepted into the program and has completed HMP’s 32-hour basic training, HMP members can expect the following:


Student members are eligible to mediate in local courts (usually small claims cases or Harassment Prevention Orders) and/or in out-of-court disputes such as tenant-tenant or animal control matters. The approximate time commitment is three hours – not including travel time – per session. Newly-trained mediators should plan to attend three sessions in the semester they train and five sessions in each subsequent semester in which they mediate. A minimum two-semester commitment is required.


HMP’s experienced court liaisons and mediators provide feedback to new mediators. Providing feedback is a fundamental aspect of HMP’s model.


Offered two to three times each semester, HMP Roundtables and HMP’s “graduation” for newly-trained mediators provide an opportunity for HMP members to socialize and discuss their mediation experiences in a confidential setting.

Interested HMP student members have the opportunity to work in the HMP office.

HMP also sponsors regular events with guest speakers and other ADR-related groups on campus.


HMP student members are able to earn credit towards the HLS pro bono requirement. Mediating, conducting HMP office hours, and teaching and coaching at HMP training all count towards the HLS pro bono requirement.

Any student who anticipates that they may seek to apply time spent with HMP towards satisfying other pro bono requirements (e.g., those of the NY State Bar) should contact a member of HMP staff in advance to make arrangements.


Upcoming Training

HMP’s basic mediation trainings for the 2019-2020 academic year are:
October 5, 6, 19 & 20, 2019 -or-
February 8, 9, 22 & 23, 2020

HMP Application – Fall 2019

Each applicant accepted for training is required to attend the full 32 hours of basic mediation training and to fulfill a two-semester commitment as a volunteer mediator with HMP, serving local courts in metropolitan Boston.