Referring a Case

Mediation is a free service at HMP. Here’s how to access it.

If you decide to try mediation, please contact the program’s Outreach and Case Coordinator (information below), who will talk with both parties about the mediation process and help you decide whether mediation is appropriate in your case. Provided both parties are willing to try it, the Outreach and Case Coordinator will set up a mediation session with two trained volunteer mediators from HMP. The mediators listen to all sides of the dispute and do not decide who is right or wrong. Instead they assist the parties involved to reach their own agreement by getting a sense of each person’s perspective, listening to each person’s concerns’, and helping individuals identify mutually acceptable solutions.


Please refer to this document to see if your case is appropriate for mediation.


Ana Carolina Riella
Outreach and Case Coordinator
Harvard Mediation Program