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US Prison Officials Thwart ‘Compassionate Release’

Many dying and seriously ill prisoners are being denied access to the courts. Learn more here
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What Massachusetts Prisoners Blog About

A recent Boston Magazine article shared posts from a few Massachusetts prisoners. Learn why it’s a good thing here.


City Agrees to Pay $850,000 to End Suit Over Inmate’s 2004 Beating Death

New York City has agreed to make a large payment to settle a lawsuit claiming violence against a city inmate. Learn more here.

Invitation to a Dialogue: Alternatives to Prison


A third-year student at the University of Wisconsin Law School wrote a response letter to the editor regarding the article in the previous post: “How to Cut Prison Costs” (editorial, Nov. 10).

How to Cut Prison Costs

A recent New York Times article explains how some states are finding creative ways to cut prison costs by making sure that people who are released from prison do not reenter.

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